Different Species of Wood

Lumber is a general term that may apply to a variety of different types and sizes of wood used in the construction industry to build various projects. Lumber pieces are cut from trees lengthwise, and usually have a square or rectangular profile. When it comes to lumber, the general lumber education, design trends, how to […]

Table Saw Safety

Because of its durability, reliability and ease of use the table saw is one of the most commonly used woodworking devices in today’s manufacturing processes. To make the finest of wood items, table saws will rip wood, cross cut, dice, miter, bevel and even cut shapes and edging. The table saw, however, can be one […]

Sharpen Your Hand Tools

Lots of woodworkers struggle to sharpen hand tools. With so much knowledge available, and complex equipment, it’s easy to understand why. My best advice is to keep it simple, both in equipment and in technique. Waterstones are an excellent choice and can sharpen almost any kind of steel you’ll find in the kitchen and woodshop.  […]