Home Office & Workspaces Series
Plans For A Classic Bookshelf & A Funky Table Lamp

"Arts & Crafts" Table Lamp Plan
I've got 2 great plans in this series I call "Home Offices and Workspaces". Take a look at them below:

This is a project for slightly more experienced folks. With its simple lines, this lamp is reminiscent of early 20th-century Prairie-style design, but beneath its seemingly straightforward lines lies a slightly challenging project that demands precision in cutting angles and making exposed joints, especially for the shade.

As you’ll see, however, using jigs and special tablesaw setups will help to simplify even the trickiest steps. When you’ve done all the woodworking, you’ll probably find the wiring a breeze, even if you haven’t done much before. I hope you have fun building this!

Traditional Shelf Plan
I've got 2 great plans in this series I call "Home Offices and Workspaces". Take a look at them below:

Again, this is one of my older plans but it is still a classic! (and a really popular design too!)

It’s rare that bookshelves look as interesting as the objects you display on them. After all, how much can you decorate the edges of your shelves and sides? This unit is unusual because the shelves and sides are beefier than you would normally see, and the two bevel cuts on the front edges give these shelves nice visual interest.

Best of all, perhaps, is that this piece is simple and quick to build.




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